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BADLAND 1.7190 New Version


Jan 21, 2023

BADLAND 1.7190 New Version

BADLAND is a real hit on mobile platforms, having received prestigious gaming awards and, more importantly, has gained popularity among gamers.

Before us is one of those games about which they say: “it’s nice to eat with your eyes.” She has a unique visual style, and each location in the game looks so original and fascinating that you just want to admire it for hours on end without being distracted by the gameplay.

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The action of BADLAND unfolds in a certain forest, where the protagonist is waiting for many traps and trials.

In addition to him, his relatives also live there, who will join you on a long journey. The character is controlled by brief touches on the screen, which make him flap his wings and keep the height high enough to avoid falling into another trap.

When a “relative” joins your company, taps on the screen will also be responsible for the flapping of his wings.

In total, the game has a hundred levels, which can be passed both alone and in the company of friends.

Moreover, you will not play in multiplayer mode over the network, but on one portable device. In total, up to four people can take part in a joint passage.

You can play with friends both in the modified “campaign” and in the “survival” mode, where you will have to push your comrades into traps and prevent them from flying through the gorges.

BADLAND 1.7190 New Version

Key features and functions of the game:
• unique visual style and musical accompaniment that makes this game truly meditative;
• one hundred unique levels with many traps and obstacles;
• network mode, in which up to four players can compete simultaneously;
• simple control, carried out by single touches on the screen.

OS: Android 2.3.3 and higher
Interface language: multilingual / Russian   BADLAND with crack. (180.47 MB):

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