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Dream Machine. The Game 1.32 New Version


Jan 21, 2023

Dream Machine. The Game 1.32 New Version

dream machine. The Game is an isometric puzzle game in the style of Monument Valley. Get ready to immerse yourself in a surreal world of huge machines, where you have to feel the problems of a small robot and help him escape from a cold, oppressive, inhuman factory.

 Our path is blocked by ingenious barriers in the form of optical illusions. In order to find the way forward, you need to rotate the location and the previously impassable dead end will turn into, for example, a staircase. 

Demonstrate your abstract thinking skills to complete dangerous levels and defeat dangerous bosses.

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Stunning graphics and enjoyable gameplay:
Incredibly beautiful handcrafted levels full of 3D puzzles, swirling geometry and optical illusions. Dream Machine is easy to learn but hard to stop.
Boss Battles:
Take on the oppressors in desperate boss battles. Use your skills and ingenuity to defeat the monsters that reign in this mechanical dream.
Improvements and replayability:
Set new records for completing levels and earn teeth. With them, you can improve your mechanical friend, set even more daring records and climb to the very top of the Dream Machine leaderboard.
dangerous levels:
Train your brain and solve illusion puzzles using all your knowledge to stay alive.

Dream Machine. The Game 1.32 New Version

What’s new:

• Improved game controls
• Enhanced levels and game balancing
OS: Android™ 4.0.3 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilingual Dream Machine game. The Game 1.32 (47.9 MB):

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