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Lazors 2.3.0 [Latest] Version


Jan 19, 2023

Lazors 2.3.0 [Latest] Version

Lazors is an unusual puzzle game for Android in which we will arrange various squares around the field so that the laser reflects off them and hits the right points.

 The game perfectly develops spatial perception and makes the brain sweat seriously, one of the most original puzzles.

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Each level consists of a set of cells, several squares and points where you want to direct the laser. The laser itself initially shines at a predetermined angle. We need to move the square elements so that they block the path of the laser and create its reflection.
There are several varieties of square elements in the game, there are ordinary white ones that can be moved freely, and stone ones that are screwed to a fixed place. There are also elements that pass a beam through themselves, but distort it in a special direction.
There are 150 levels in the game, and all of them are divided into many categories sorted by theme and difficulty level. There are approximately 10 levels in each section, and as they pass, a small bar is filled, so that you can see your results in each of the categories at any time. You can play immediately in any category, but already inside the levels go sequentially.
Features of Lazors for Android:
• High-quality HD-graphics;
• Pleasant game style;
• 150 levels;
• Simple management;
• Original gameplay;
• High-quality sound accompaniment;
• Good hint system.

Changes in version 2.3.0:
• New type of Block: Portal
• 30 new levels

Lazors 2.3.0 [Latest] Version

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Interface language: English│English
OS: Android 2.2 and higher  game Lazors 2.3.0 (8.21 MB):